Ganoderma lucidum popular consumption to nurture the body, prevention and treatment, which is currently popular species consumed. To nourish the body to maintain the world’s most is Ganoderma lucidum red or reddish brown. Because there are substances that the most helpful.

In the ancient scriptures also divided into 3 I was high, medium, and low herbs on high class that is kind of medicine long life, the tonic. Harmless high safety and long-term edible, which ancient Chinese people he organized the Ganoderma lucidum. A high medicinal herbs as well as ginseng, which 2 type, high security as well, which in ancient scriptures show us that. The Chinese early that Ganoderma lucidum is tonic body arranged the elixir as well. Innocent eat long-term.

Ilhwa Lingzhi is the best grade Lingzhi from quality and high-tech mushroom farm, so it is guarantee with quality.

Ilhwa Lingzhi is extracted with spray Dry technology to provide 100% wholly Lingzhi and clean product output


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